Tuesday, 7 October 2014


REPORT A RESCUE 13 000 WIRES - 13 00 094 737

The other night we found a gorgeous little baby Brushtail possum, which are native to Australia.  Although this particular species is not endangered, all of these beasts are territorial and due to loss of habitat have a hard time.

They are known to love nesting in roofs, love to dig up some bulbs, eat your fruit and, run all over your roof at night, and if tamed enough, will go through your garbage and wander into your home at night for any good ripened fruit.

Between the parrots that take a yummy nip out of every fruit.  Between the possums and parrots, we're often lucky to get a single apple off the tree.

Ultimately, some people trap them and move them away.  Being territorial, they often try to find their way back with disastrous results.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, we called WIRES (Wildlife Information Rescue & Education Service). The little beast slept in the duvet envelope with the duvet.  He was freezing cold when we found him, so I warmed him up down my top/shirt then left him to the duvet.

WIRES are staffed by local helpers who are volunteers, and kindly picked him up in the morning. Apparently he'll be in good company, the WIRES lady mentioned she had three more little ones at home! He will be reared under their tender care until able to be released into the wild.  At this stage, he is 100 - 120 days old.



Monday, 6 October 2014

Evermore-athonic: Science is forever.

Can't go past such class as this.  I know it's Facebook, but what the hell.

Lobster-athonic or should I say Decathonicpod

This is a great quirky site that is fun to add to when something about lobsters gets your goat.  Really though, you need a pic to add.

It's blurb is:

A place to share our frustrations about anatomically-incorrect lobster art, toys, apparel, accessories, and knick-knacks

(Ten legs = Eight walking legs and two claws.) 

 And here is the final in our series of vintage matchbook covers.  It seems right to end with a clown riding a lobster.


Ya!  Diana Graves latest on the Raina Kirkland series has finally hit the scene.
Love this series, one I have on my spreadsheet for books coming out (& yes, I really do have one...).

The Raina Kirkland series is officially named Paranormal Washington.

Give it a go if you like the paranormal/urban fantasy stuff.

This is the Goodreads' blurb from the first novel, Fatal Retribution:

Raina Kirkland is a witch without magic and an elf without grace. She lives in a wondrous world that parallels our own in every way, save for one fantastic detail. Every story ever told, every monster, every god, every demon is spectacularly real!
Even so, Raina seems to live an unremarkable life up until the day her family falls victim to a spree of unauthorized vampire infections. Without government oversight humans are becoming terrorizing blood thirsty murderers all over the Pacific Northwest.
Raina is just coming into her own as a woman when she realizes the police can no longer be trusted to stop this unbelievably violent trend, and she engages in an amazing journey that brings her to her breaking point and beyond.

“Revenge is an act of passion; vengeance of justice. Injuries are revenged; crimes are avenged.”
~Samuel Johnson

Warning: This book contains sex and violence. Suitable for mature readers only.